An analysis of americas fixation with power in cats cradle by kurt vonnegut

For purposes of research, he wrote to Newt Hoenikker, the midget son of Felix Hoenikker, the Nobel prize-winning physicist and one of the fathers of the atomic bomb. He asked Newt to describe what he remembered from the day the bomb devastated Hiroshima. Newt replied to say that he was only six years old when the bomb was dropped.

An analysis of americas fixation with power in cats cradle by kurt vonnegut

It can be played alone or with others. It was the game Dr. Felix Hoenikker, father of the atom bomb, was playing with his youngest son, Newton, on the day the atomic bomb went off in Hiroshima.

The game is a major symbol for evil in the book, for the lies humans construct and then get entangled by. That is why it is difficult to know how it started or how to undo it.

It connects everything in a meaningless complexity. For instance, the string that Felix used to play the game was ironically taken from the manuscript of a novel about the end of the world by a bomb invented by mad scientists.

This clearly connects the string game with the atomic bomb and the end of the world. The image suggests that evil is constructed by humans. Ice-Nine and Images of Death Ice-nine is the invention Hoenikker comes up with after the atomic bomb and is even more deadly than the bomb, for it ends life on earth.

It is more dangerous, because it is easily carried around in little thermos jugs.

Vonnegut employs humor as a means to make his reader assume a critical stance toward the "sacred cows" of their culture, of which science, religion, nation, and family are only a few.

Jonah the narrator is a reporter, and he tends to see images that relate to death clustered around the Hoenikkers. Ice-nine like the bomb was invented for the military to use in warfare, and violent military images abound.

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There are police guarding the Lab where Hoenikker worked. A Marine General gets Felix to work on the ice-nine. The United States gives warplanes painted with violent cartoons on them as a gift or bribe to San Lorenzo, and one of them accidentally starts the end of the world with a crash. Papa Monzano is a military dictator who wears a shoulder holster, and his home is a medieval castle with torture chambers, and the infamous hook for criminals to hang by out front.

A Nazi doctor from Auschwitz attends to Papa in his last illness. The Breed family makes death their business. Asa runs the Lab that invents weapons, while Marvin Breed makes the tombstones. This is how everyone will end up—dead, and Julian Castle can only laugh when the bubonic plague piles up corpses outside his hospital.

Mona similarly laughs at the mass ice-nine suicide when she sees thousands of frozen corpses.

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The macabre humor makes the reader aware of the pointless death awaiting humans, speeded up by their own hands. Animals Animal imagery is often used by authors to depict less than admirable human behavior. The ant farm and bugs in a jar that Frank likes to observe are extended metaphors for human life.

They suggest futility, cruelty, and claustrophobia.Essay about Kurt Vonnegut's Cats Cradle Analysis. Words Nov 4th, 9 Pages.

An analysis of americas fixation with power in cats cradle by kurt vonnegut

Show More. Ben Fisher Mr. Anderson AP Writing and Composition 1 14th November Cat's Cradle American Author Analysis by Ben Fisher Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut is a science fiction book that was published in The book is (falsely thought to be)centered. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Cat's Cradle.

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