Are college graduates better prepared for the current workplace than non college graduates explain w

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Are college graduates better prepared for the current workplace than non college graduates explain w

Young people aged 18 to 34 have struggled with double-digit unemployment and account for half of the Now a new study shows there is widespread disagreement between business leaders and young adults and their families over the root causes of this problem, beyond the obvious problem of a sluggish recovery.

Many are put off by the fact that entry-level candidates are clueless about how to navigate an office setting, according to an analysis by Time. Overwhelmingly, they wanted candidates who are team players, problem solvers and who can plan, organize and prioritize their work.

Technical and computer-related know-how placed much further down the list.

Are college graduates better prepared for the current workplace than non college graduates explain w

Time noted that jobs are going unfilled as a result, which hurts companies and employees. Companies say candidates are lacking in motivation, interpersonal skills, appearance, punctuality and flexibility. Career Coaches Profit Off Struggling Millennials Not surprisingly, more than half the millennials surveyed disagreed with this assessment and insist they have the proper work ethic — even if they describe it differently.

Economists and other experts offer many reasons why millennials have had a hard time finding suitable work these last few years. But many agree that inadequate preparation for the job market is definitely one of them. In down markets, when jobs are harder to find, many millennials make the choice to stay in school, lowering the participation rate.

More than half of baby boomers nearing retirement have delayed doing so, making it harder to find space for new workers.Employment rates of college graduates.


Question: What information do you have on the employment rates of college graduates? Response: This Fast Fact examines recent trends in two distinct yet related measures of labor market conditions—the employment rate and the unemployment employment rate (also known as the employment .

Henry Louis Gates Jr., President Barack Obama, and Police Sgt. James Crowley have certainly done their part to get race relations into the national discussion. But diversity is hot on college.

Chapter One: Why Go to College? STUDY. PLAY. Today most college graduates will be prepared for roles in society specifically in what has become: the information economy.

Are college graduates better prepared for the current workplace than non college graduates explain w

Greater likelihood of having more children than non graduates. Compared with non graduates, college graduates tend to. Jul 15,  · One of the biggest arguments in favor of a college education is that college grads make more money than do those with only a high-school diploma or a few years of college.

College Graduates. College Grads May Not Be As Ready for the Workplace as They Think They Are of new college graduates said they expect to receive formal training in their first job, whereas only half of.

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