Base camp essay

We learned quite a bit hike up to meters and have some valuable tips that we want to share with any future trekkers to make your life easier. It is not the scary daunting experience that people imagine it to be, trekking to base camp is actually a lot of fun and hopefully these points will help you with your future climbs and make it just a little bit more comfortable on the way up. Tips are in no particular order, they are just written down as we learned them. Bring cash USD and Rupees.

Base camp essay

The POWs were confined there between and A few died from illness or from their war wounds, but most enjoyed food and living conditions far better than they had in the deserts of North Africa or in the battlefields of Europe. International Red Cross inspectors judged their prison conditions strict but fair.

These men were quickly transferred to other POW camps and were replaced by an all-German clientele. Only a handful of records mention Fort Lewis as a POW facility that held as many as 4, Germans in five camps dotted around the base.

The museum has a roster of all the Germans held at the camps, thanks to a report listing the names and units of the German soldiers being held.

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The photo ban prevented acts of retribution against families of POWs and limited the POWs value for use in propaganda films. Maps of the camps around the army base have also been lost to history -- they were classified to remove a potential tool of escape.

One noteworthy report of the POW camps survives.

Base camp essay

A company clerk at the Fort Lewis POW camp, Wayne Shoemaker, relayed his story about his war years in an article available at the museum.

The fifth camp was located near the Logistics Center, along what is now Interstate The Logistics Center sign can still be seen through the barbed wire fence. Each camp had barbed wire fences and guard towers. No weapons were allowed inside these compounds.

If necessary, guards had to call for help from soldiers outside the security line.

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Each camp largely operated as its own city, with mess halls, supply depots, beer halls, barracks barbershops, and libraries located within the fences.

The POWs also ran their own newspaper. The camps were judged strict but fair by International Red Cross inspectors. The POWs stayed in the same style two-story wooden barracks used by U. The POWs either worked at maintaining the camp or labored outside the barbed wire logging, clearing brush, mending uniforms, or harvesting food stuffs in the surrounding countryside.

Few prisoners tried to escape because they had no place to go once they left the compound. The camp also provided safety, food, and shelter and was far from frontline fighting.

Even a successful escape back to Germany meant a return to the war and certain danger if not death.

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Shoemaker recalled that he had a routine of meeting with the POWs for coffee and cake every morning.Day four: Camp – We trek nicely into the night hours to succeed in a tundra camp at treeline, on the base of the steep slopes that may take us again as much as the alpine nation tomorrow.

Day 5: Small and Massive – This morning begins off as soon as once more with one other huge, steep climb, leaving the shadows of the valley under and. In Nepal, Stephen Regenold wrote on his experience with altitude and adaptation to the thin air at Mount Everest's Base Camp, a tent city at 17, feet.

The sign to the camp was at the intersection of Pine Grove Road and Michaux Road. It survived in the Carlisle Presbytery office and now .

Base camp essay

Everest Base Camp. At 17, ft / 5, m, the base camp of the world's tallest peak is probably the highest many people have (or will) find themselves outside of an airplane.

Here's everything you need to know for a successful trip to the foot of Everest.

30 Tips for Trekking to Everest Base Camp

We have a large variety of summer programs spread out over seven weeks this summer. Most of the camps are for ages 10 through 14, though the Essay Camp is specifically for high school students looking to improve their essay writing skills. It was the final day of ascent on the Everest Base Camp trek.

The 6am wake-up call marked the start of our eighth day of trekking in this sacred area of Nepal, where the swift knock on the door and resounding tones of “mooooorning” signalled the start of another long and arduous day.

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