Business plan on bread baking

Good bread is a rare combination of nutrition, convenience, and luxury. Good bread provides fiber and carbohydrates in a convenient, low fat form that is portable and delicious.

Business plan on bread baking

Speciality Baker Business Plan Executive Summary Morningstar Bakery is a new organic bakery specializing in gluten, wheat and dairy free products.

Within the last three years there has been significant increases in demand for these bakery products. This can be explained to a large degree by the fact that up until recently Americans have had food allergies that have been undiagnosed. It has been only in the last few years that medical doctors have begun to diagnosis food allergies correctly.

What was once an unknown problem that affected so many people with no recourse has become a manageable ailment that is easily dealt with through modification of diets.

This is very positive for both those people that are affected as well as bakeries such as Morningstar that specialize in these products. The Products Morningstar offers a wide range of exciting products. The first group is spelt breads, muffins, and pastries.

Spelt is used as there are far fewer people that are allergic to this grain. Yeast allergies are also common and Morningstar offers a menu of yeast free breads.

Dairy free muffins and pastries are offered for vegans. Lastly, egg free breads, muffins, and pastries are offered.

business plan on bread baking

Customers Morningstar will focus on three distinct customer segments. The first group is the Allergy group. The second niche is the Doctor group. The last group is the Dieters group. This segment is typically making modifications to their diet based on their desire to lose weight. Management Team Recognizing the importance of human capital, Morningstar has assembled a strong management team.

The team is led by Donna Sharp. Donna comes to Morningstar with 10 years of baking experience. In addition to her industry specific experience, Donna has had 2 years of management experience. Tara Juniper-Reid will lead the marketing efforts having participated in her own PR firm.

Lastly, Lucy Hamilton will be on the team as an assistant baker with over five years of experience. Morningstar is an exciting opportunity that combines, fresh baked goods with spelt, yeast free, dairy free, and egg free products, addressing the recent need for these new products.

Demand for these products is expected to grow exponentially as medical doctors become more and more aware of food allergies Americans are afflicted with. Profitability is forecasted to occur by month three.


Through a combination of a strong management team, a solid business model, and exciting, market demanded products will allow Morningstar to quickly gain market penetration and cash richness.

To develop the strong presence in the community needed to support sales goals. To develop a full menu by the end of the second quarter. We are sensitive to the often over-looked population of allergy sufferers and cater to their needs for healthy, delicious baked goods.

We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk. Company Summary Morningstar Bakery will be located in downtown [Name omitted] in a historical building.

How to Start a Bakery Business from Home

This downtown district is a very popular destination because of the historical architecture for weekenders and tourists. It is also a prime location for all the employees of the surrounding downtown businesses.Specialty Baker Sample Business Plan. Great Harvest Bread Company. Strengths: Makes spelt bread, muffins and cookies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Well-established bakery in town. Bakery Business Plan Sample. Get baking with this bakery sample business plan.

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business plan on bread baking

on. May 1, By. Low Carb Cloud Bread Recipe Made with Baking Soda (Baking Powder) I’ve made a Low Carb Cloud Bread Recipe before, but it was made with cream of tarter. The professional bread baking program is structured to simulate the demands of a professional kitchen or bakery.

Your class will be divided into small groups, each responsible for completing a set number of breads each day. Josey Baker Bread: Get Baking - Make Awesome Bread - Share the Loaves [Josey Baker, Erin Kunkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This is the first true entry-level bread-baking cookbook, from Josey Baker (that's his real name!), a former science teacher turned San Francisco baking sensation. Josey Baker Bread combines step-by-step lessons with more than photographs. Bread Business Blog. Opening A Bakery Requires A Strategic Plan February 18, Return to blog.

Tweet; A successful marketing plan drives the menu and sales targets set by a comprehensive strategy. It involves tactics and execution across the entire product line to ensure each sub goal is achieved.

Baking Bread (16) Bread Company. If you want to start a baking business but owning a storefront isn't for you, operating a home bakery can be a great alternative. Usually smaller in scale than retail or wholesale bakeries, home bakeries give bakers the opportunity to sell products that are made in their own home.

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