Corpus christi college essay competition 2012 presidential election

Thu, Apr 19, at Thanks to Farenthold, the image of a portly, rosy-cheeked man stuffed into a duck-pattern onesie posing next to a young lingerie-clad waitress is now forever burned into the collective memory of Texas politics. This is Congressman Blake Farenthold in the duck onesie txlege pic. How did Farenthold hold on to his seat for so long?

Corpus christi college essay competition 2012 presidential election

Computer Science Competition For many years, the College has run essay competitions in various subjects and for several of the recent years we have invited Computer Science essays.


The Computer Science competition has attracted entries of an impressive standard. This fourth year, our topic blends formal logic with legislative procedures and is close to the research area of Ewa Luger, our current Corpus-Microsoft Fellow, whose work combines logic and ethics.

Sadly we are not running a competition this current year, Should the law of the land be enacted using formal logic?

corpus christi college essay competition 2012 presidential election

A server then grants people various licenses and benefits or else denies them, based on what it already knows about a user and additional data that the user enters on web forms. It ranges over many aspects of life, such as the right of an old person to apply for a free door entry system or TV license, whether a person under 17 can apply for a driving license, or whether someone on a temporary visa can apply for a student loan or gun license.

Although legislation is drafted using a stylised dialect of English legislative drafting languagethe process of converting English text to rules inside the server suffers from three main problems: Indeed, aspects of case law have now been established by the observed behaviour of the www.

Hi Phob, if you email us the essay plus cover sheet by 5pm Friday then the essay will definitely be considered. We'll send an email confirmation to you next week as it take us a little while to process them all. Nov 08,  · Presidential Election The United States presidential election of is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, It will be the “57th quadrennial presidential election, in which presidential electors, who will elect the President and Vice President of the United States on December 17, "( Presidential”). Mar 26,  · I did my essay for the English prize, but I'm waiting for an email back from Corpus Christi admissions to hear they received it, but so far just the automatic admissions email has emailed me back. Posted on .

A suggested alternative is that formal logic is used in the legislation as enacted. By enacted, we refer to the process of placing a definitive version of a new law in the official repository: Please write an essay entitled 'Should the law of the land be enacted using formal logic?

Do not break up your essay using subheadings: Please use between and words for each topic. Credit will be awarded for clarity of writing and good use of logic. Please use six of the following topics, taking three each from list A and list B.

List A Classes of appropriate logic description logic, deontic logic, predicate calculus, higher-order logic Ease of mechanical reasoning: Soundness, ambiguity and contradiction: Design considerations for the software component architecture: Holding an ontology in a database or reasoner.

Graphical or natural language rendering output of formal propositions and the ease with which a user can find out why a decision was made by the system, rather than something like the cliche 'computer says no' being all that is available.

Determining potentially-unexpected consequences arising from adding a special case. List B The acceptance of formal logic by the legal profession: Could a computer replace a judge or jury? The broader socio-political impacts of such an automated approach.

The need for appeal opportunities. The notion of 'truth' - computers are digital yet the real world is analogue. In a social context, can we really say that something is absolutely true?

What checks might the system make against fabricated input values? Will computerisation of the law result in justice more or less often?

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Would laws drafted in formal logic have subtle differences compared with those in legislative English? Would they tend to be simpler or more complex laws? What trade-offs are made. Algorithmic reasoning and bias: Would the use of mechanised logic increase or decrease the level of innate bias in our laws, and might it make the bias more or less visible?

A topic of your own choosing. The problem this year required consideration both of of various types of legal procedures civil versus criminal, initial application versus appeal and of logic programming systems examples being description logic, deontic logic and predicate calculus.

corpus christi college essay competition 2012 presidential election

Three entries clearly stood out for their understanding of the problem and solution spaces and for the strength of their argument. All three presented a systematic analysis, but also brought original insights to the discussion. Finally, J Reeve was picked as winner owing to her slightly greater demonstration of mathematical logic, since this was, after all, a competition in Computer Science.Texas special election candidate for Farenthold seat denies reports of falsifying 9/11 responder claim Christopher Suprun also was a Texas Electoral College member who refused to vote for Donald.

Every year, Corpus Christi College in Cambridge runs a series of essay competitions for Year 12 students. Participants get the chance to write and think about challenging questions, with the most distinguished entries recognised through prizes and a .

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The many allusions contained in the title "Corpus Christi" gives us clues to the poem's layers of meaning. In literal terms, it's Latin for "the body of Christ". And it's the body that the Christians in this poem have the most trouble accepting. They can't handle the grossness of the speaker's real wounds.

It is separated from Corpus Christi by the Harbor Bridge which allows you to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being easily accessible. In a short period of time, many new businesses have opened up and it seems that the economy in this little town is heading in a positive direction.

The City of Corpus Christi adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate. The tax rate will effectively be raised by percent and will raise taxes for maintenance and operations on a $, home by approximately $ An overview of Computer Science at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Please note: Material submitted for this competition will NOT be used for admissions-related purposes. The judges will be recent graduates in Computer Science from Corpus and the Corpus-Microsoft Fellows.

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