Employability in asia

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Employability in asia

Employability in asia

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Naturally, local carriers will have to treble their aircraft fleet thus raising the demand for pilots to thousand. However, the biggest problem that the region and its carriers are faced with at the moment is a shortage of highly qualified pilots. According to the Chinese and Indonesian business media, it may take up to 12 years to train one and airlines are reluctant to wait until local training institutions will at least be partly able to satisfy the demand.

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As a result, they tend to look for more experienced pilots abroad. However, one of the main long-term strategies of most Asian air carriers is to employ airline pilots of local origin and citizenship.

Such strategy will decrease annual pilot turn-around and retain experienced captains and first officers on long-term basis. Due to the shortage of qualified pilots airlines are forced to compete among themselves by offering local and foreign specialists better working conditions and higher salaries.

Although, many pilots are often reluctant to leave their own country and make long-term commitment. Therefore, a well-articulated policy of hiring local pilots with foreign flight training and education is a key in most airline's future strategies. DO you want to be one of the successfull few?

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Sep 12,  · A total of 34 universities from China are included in the Global of the QS Graduate Employability Rankings, which was released on Tuesday.

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Employability in asia

Facilitation of ways to enhance the employability of people with disabilities; Provision of advisory services on a range of skills development topics to strengthen the technical capacity of selected government partners; Key . We are in the process of extending the last registration date for this suite of qualifications so last registration for these qualifications will be 31/08/ the details below on this page and Walled Garden will be updated in due course.

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support.

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