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Abolition of the Slave Trade A strong movement emerged in 18th-century Britain to put an end to the buying and selling of human beings. This campaign to abolish the slave trade developed alongside international events such as the French Revolution, as well as retaliation by maroon communities, sporadic unrest, and individual acts of resistance from enslaved people in the British colonies. The campaigners faced a long and difficult struggle.

Essay national archives

Statistics of the Board of Trade The surviving records of mainly the English railway companies, transferred Essay national archives the British Railways Record Office There is also a museum, which displays key documents such as Domesday Book and has exhibitions on various topics using material from the collections.

The reference number is composed of three sections: Documents can also be ordered in advance.

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Special arrangements are in place for readers wishing to retrieve large groups of files. Frequently accessed documents such as the Abdication Papers have been put on microfilmas have records for two million First World War soldiers.

The originals of the latter were stored in a warehouse in London along with four million others, but incendiary bombs dropped on the warehouse in the Second World War started a fire in which most were destroyed. The surviving third were largely water or fire-damaged and thus acquired the colloquial name of the "Burnt Documents.

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They have now also been digitised and are available on the Ancestry website. Researchers are encouraged to check the online services first, to see if they can get what they want online. Storage[ edit ] Moveable shelving in one of the more modern repositories The documents are stored on mobile shelving — double-sided shelves, which are pushed together so that there is no aisle between them.

A large handle on the end of each shelf allows them to be moved along tracks in the floor to create an aisle when needed. They are generally stored in acid-free folders or boxes.

In the event of a fire The National Archives would be clearly unable to use sprinklers for fear of ruining its holdings, and so when the building is evacuated, argon gas is released into the air-tight repositories.

Other services[ edit ] The National Archives also provides services to help users in their research and also find collections beyond those it holds. TNA is sent hard-copy catalogues from archive repositories holding records relating to British history. These are kept in the reading room at The National Archives and indexed in the online database.

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Information is also obtained from surveys and guides to archival collections, and other publications. Archives Inspire —19[ edit ] Archives Inspire [49] is a strategy document that sets out the goals and priorities of the organisation over four years, from onwards.

Forgeries discovered in [ edit ] In Junejournalist Ben Fenton of The Daily Telegraph received an email from a colleague asking him to investigate documents held at TNA that alleged that a British intelligence agent had, on the orders of Winston Churchillmurdered Heinrich Himmlerthe head of the Nazi SSin This confirmed his suspicions and, along with his experience of analysing historic documents, it enabled him to persuade The Daily Telegraph to pay for forensic analysis.

One letter head had been printed on a laser printerthe earliest example of which was produced inand all had tear marks where they had been threaded on to the security tags. Further investigations by TNA staff revealed that the counterfeit documents contained errors, breaches of protocol and etiquette which their supposed authors would not have committed, prompting one expert to state that the inconsistencies in the papers "would lead any serious historian to question their veracity".

Examination by TNA experts led to more than a dozen documents being identified as suspicious and submitted to Home Office specialists for examination.

Essay national archives

When they, too, were declared forgeries, the TNA called in the police.The state is shutting down a project to search the National Archives for papers written by Abraham Lincoln.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum confirmed Monday that the search for Lincoln documents is being suspended in Washington, D.C. Essay on The National Archives And Records Administration Words 6 Pages The National Archives is the holding area of the most valuable records and remarkable documents of the U.S.

government. National Archives Essay A national archive is a government body charged with the storage, preservation, documentation, and general administration of governmental and historical records. Archives USA is also available to staff and researchers on CD-ROM in the library at both the National Archives in Washington, DC and at College Park, MD.

ProQuest Direct Citations, abstracts, and/or full text of over newspapers and journals, including. The Pentagon Papers, officially titled "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force", was commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in In June of , small portions of the report were .

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