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While we encounter various types of conflict in many of our life situations, we often feel a lack of confidence and vision of what is really appropriate to do. Most students find the conflict in their personal relationships already quite stressful, thus any conflict within student organizations becomes overwhelmingly unbearable. Those who have lower tolerance level for anxiety often choose to leave the organization. WHY do we shy away from dealing with our conflict?

Essays conflict management workplace

Conflict Management in the Workplace By: The basics of conflict management include improving communication, teamwork, and a systematic approach to solving the disagreement. This paper explores various techniques that can be utilized to manage conflict in the workplace.

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Sometimes conflict that be a positive force within an organization, while at other times it is a negative force. An example of conflict as a positive force is that the creation and resolution of conflict may lead the company to constructive problem solving.

It may also lead people to search for ways of changing how they do things. The conflict resolution process can ultimately be a stimulus for positive change within an organization Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p.

However, conflict may also have serious negative effects on an organization. For example, conflict may divert efforts from goal attainment or it may deplete resources particularly time and money Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p. Conflict also may negatively affect the psychological well-being of employees and cause stress Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p.

Indeed, conflicting workplace ideas may lead to anger, tension, and anxiety. Deep and lasting conflicts that continue without conflict management may even lead to violence between employees and others Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p.

Therefore, it would be fair to say that conflict may sometimes be advantageous and at other times destructive. Workplace managers must be sensitive to the consequences of conflict. These consequences range from negative outcomes such as loss of skilled employees, sabotage, low quality of work, stress and even violence to positive outcomes such as creative alternatives, increased motivation and commitment, high quality of work, and personal satisfaction Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p.

Conflicts whether they are negative or positive will arise in organizations whenever interests collide -- and when these differences affect the relationship between interdependent people, they must be constructively managed Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p.

According to Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, some ways to manage conflict include: This forcing style relies on coercive power and dominance to resolve the conflict.

Essays conflict management workplace

In the forcing style, the person who is trying to resolve the conflict feels that one side must win and that one side must lose Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p. The accommodation style manifests itself as a long-term strategy to encourage cooperation by others, or as a submission to the wishes of others.

The accommodator tries to reduce tensions and stresses by reassurance and support Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p. This style shows concern about the emotional aspects of conflict, but does not deal with substantive issues -- this style simply results in covering up or glossing over the issue Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman p.

Essays conflict management workplace

This style is based on give and take, which usually involves a series of concessions. This technique is commonly used and widely accepted as a means of resolving conflict. In this stylistic approach to workplace conflict management, it is sharing, examining and assessing the reasons for the conflict that leads to the development of an alternative that is fully acceptable to everyone involved.

This effectively resolves the conflict Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, p. Studies on the use of these different interpersonal conflict handling styles indicate that collaboration is the best approach to.Conflict management is defined as the process which focuses on the behaviour, relationships and context of conflict in order to create and maintain stable communication between those in conflict (Jeong, ).

Workplace conflict is a specific type conflict that occurs in the workplace.

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Conflict can arise anywhere, anytime, by any given person. Workplaces are already stressful enough before conflict contributes to its share of stress.

Conflict Management in the Workplace. Conflict Management in the Workplace Introduction Conflict management in the workplace is an issue that every leader, manager, or employee has to deal with at one time or another.

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The basics of conflict management include improving communication, teamwork, and a systematic approach to solving the disagreement/5(1). Essay: Workplace Conflict Resolution Abstract This paper intends to look at the causes of conflict in the workplace and the effects that it can have on the employers, employees, and the organization as a whole.

Managers can minimize conflict in the workplace by reviewing the job descriptions and getting employees input on them. By doing this, managers knows how the employee is reacting to their position and can add more tasks or find a position that may better suit the employee.

Workplace Conflicts and Conflict Management Styles Greg Jefia MBA Dr. Edwards December 12, Introduction Conflicts in the workplace and interpersonal relationship are inevitable.

Organizational conflict is common in the workplace because people always have divergent views on various issues, interests, ideologies, goals, and aspirations.

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