Hca 230 are you a good communicator

June 21st, Share: Medical records are central to all patient healthcare activities.

Hca 230 are you a good communicator

Explain the connection between social penetration theory, social comparison theory, and self-disclosure. Discuss the process of self-disclosure, including how we make decisions about what, where, when, and how to disclose. Explain how self-disclosure affects relationships.

Have you ever said too much on a first date? At a job interview? Have you ever posted something on Facebook only to return later to remove it?

When self-disclosure works out well, it can have positive effects for interpersonal relationships. Conversely, self-disclosure that does not work out well can lead to embarrassment, lower self-esteem, and relationship deterioration or even termination.

As with all other types of communication, increasing your competence regarding self-disclosure can have many positive effects. So what is self-disclosure?

What are interpersonal skills?

It could be argued that any verbal or nonverbal communication reveals something about the self. The clothes we wear, a laugh, or an order at the drive-through may offer glimpses into our personality or past, but they are not necessarily self-disclosure.

Self-disclosure Purposeful disclosure of personal information to another person. If I purposefully wear the baseball cap of my favorite team to reveal my team loyalty to a new friend, then this clothing choice constitutes self-disclosure.

Telling a classmate your major or your hometown during the first week of school carries relatively little risk but can build into a friendship that lasts beyond the class. Theories of Self-Disclosure Social penetration theory Theory that states we engage in a reciprocal process of self-disclosure that changes in breadth and depth and affects how a relationship progresses.

Depth refers to how personal or sensitive the information is, and breadth refers to the range of topics discussed. Kathryn Greene, Valerian J.

Vangelisti and Daniel Perlman Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,— Social penetration theory compares the process of self-disclosure to peeling back the layers of an onion. Balancing a dialectic is like walking a tightrope. You have to lean to one side and eventually lean to another side to keep yourself balanced and prevent falling.

The constant back and forth allows you to stay balanced, even though you may not always be even, or standing straight up. One of the key dialectics that must be negotiated is the tension between openness and closedness.

Cambridge University Press, We want to make ourselves open to others, through self-disclosure, but we also want to maintain a sense of privacy. We may also engage in self-disclosure for the purposes of social comparison.You have the chance to win invaluable experience with internationally recognised organisations.

You have so little r-bridal.com I am an introvert, but after some time having a conversation or communication (two-way) I can be a good relationship builder. 2.

Hca 230 are you a good communicator

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Hca 230 are you a good communicator

A great health care professional has excellent communication skills that include speaking and listening. They are able to follow directions without problem and can easily communicate with patients and families to understand their needs and explain treatments. HCA Are you a good communicator?

Effective communication is vital in the healthcare workplace. Effective communication is vital in the healthcare workplace. The welfare of others is the fundamental focus and effective communication between colleagues can make the difference in the quality and consistency of care that is delivered to patients.

If you choose a mediated channel such as an e-mail or a letter, text, note, or phone call, you may seem less genuine or personal, but you have more control over the situation in that you can take time to carefully choose your words, and you do not have to immediately face the reaction of the other person.

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