How to write a real estate contract addendum

Addendum to the Agreement of Sale: Initially, the buyer uses it to make her offer--she actually presents a completed contract, which she has signed and dated, to the seller.

How to write a real estate contract addendum

We have just picked out the house which we would like to purchase. In order to make an offer, the agent has advised us that we must sign a contract.

There are many provisions which I do not understand, and I am concerned that we may leave something out.

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Are there any guidelines which we should consider before signing a contract? The most important principle which you must keep in mind when purchasing real estate is that in order to be binding, all terms of the contract must be in writing.

You must be certain to include provisions in the contract which properly reflect the understandings of all parties. For example, you may believe that you are going to receive the washer and dryer when you purchase the house. Therefore, in order to eliminate any problems regarding this issue, a provision should be inserted in the contract which states whether the washer and dryer will convey with the property.

The Maryland Association of Realtors has created a contract form which can be utilized throughout the State. There are a number of provisions which should be included in your contract, the majority of which will appear in the contract forms.

Summarized below is a checklist of items which should appear in your contract. For reference purposes, a copy of the Maryland Residential Contract of Sale is included on pages of our free information booklet Ask the Lawyer.

how to write a real estate contract addendum

Reference is made, where applicable, to the specific paragraph provision. Your contract should include, at a minimum, the following: The performance of every contractual obligation within the time frame designated in the contract is essential to avoid a breach or default of the contract.

Date of Offer — This is the date when the offer is written. When the Seller accepts the offer, then the parties will have a ratified contract. Seller and Buyer — Identifies the Seller and Buyer.

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All parties should legibly fill in their full name. Property Description — This provision requires only the street address. If available, the legal description Lot, Block, Subdivision should be included. This helps to avoid confusion regarding the precise location of the property to be transferred.

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If ground rent applies, it means you are only leasing the land. Payment Terms — This provision describes the amount of money initially paid by the Buyer to secure its performance under the contract.

Settlement — This is the exact date for settlement, or sooner if agreed to by the parties. Financing — The various types of available financing are described.

An addendum is required for the particular type of financing to be used. Financing Application and Commitment — This paragraph requires the Buyer to make application for financing within a certain number of days and makes the contract contingent on the Buyer obtaining the described financing within a specific time frame.

If a loan commitment is not issued in the required time, the contract may become null and void, and the Buyer may be entitled to a refund of the deposit previously paid, provided that the Buyer diligently pursued financing.

Alternate Financing — The Buyer may obtain financing which differs from that specified in Paragraph 9.the Original Lease Agreement shall remain in full effect during the new lease renewal period except for the following amendments: (a) Tenant(s) agrees to pay the Landlord $___________ per month as rent due on or before the.

Two terms that have been used incorrectly by some real estate agents and brokers are the addendum and the both can modify the content or terms of a real estate contract or purchase agreement, it's a matter of when you're doing it that dictates which is used.

Real Estate Contract Addendum - if this is a seller financed deal, this addendum is added to set out the terms for the seller's mortgage note to the buyer. Electronic Signature Addendum - this one sets out the portions of the various contract documents that will allow digital or electronic signatures.

Extension Addendum to Contract The following date and/or time period(s) of the Residential Sale and Purchase Contract, Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase, Vacant Land Contract, or Commercial Contract dated ("Seller") and ("Buyer") concerning the Property located at is hereby extended. (check whichever apply).

Lease Addendum Template This is a Lease Addendum Template may be used to make additions to a lease that may not be covered in the body of a lease. Trusted by over million landlords. Contract addendums are tricky to write, because contract law is very clear that all parties must abide by the contract as it stands.

how to write a real estate contract addendum

The goal when writing a contract addendum is to only change the parts that all parties want to change while not creating any loopholes or unintended consequences in the agreement as it stands in writing.

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