Indigo airways success story

November 12, But there is more to the strategy of success and Aditya Ghosh, president reveals top 5 points that will ensure Indigo remains a high-flyer now and well into the coming decade: IndiGo has made sure that its average fleet age remains four years till It was a well thought-out fleet strategy that was made 10 years back, and not something done a couple of months ago.

Indigo airways success story

There are Ibis hotels in 40 countries. Tier I and II cities are their main targets, as is proximity to major business districts. Other than these, an avowed foodie, Rahul also owns several restaurants too!

Other than that, he is also on the Board of several companies including: How was his Early Life? Travel was never the first career choice for Rahul! After completing his degree he had come back to India with an aim to set up a telecom venture with Nortel to make digital telephone exchanges.

Towards the end ofRahul and his father discovered that some of the partners had managed to gain majority stake in the company by secretly buying more equity in the company.


Post this, Rahul and his father were asked to leave the company. All he had with him was a degree along with a two-year stint at IBM.

And with that in hand, he started InterGlobe! It was, what is now called InterGlobe Technologies, that took care of their IT Services and BPO section, which mainly specialized in travel, transportation and hospitality.

It started off with rough days, with cash crunches every now and then!

Indigo's strategy of success: Top 5 key points according to Aditya Ghosh - The Financial Express

But, the power of relationships triumphed and all the airlines whose business had been with the old company moved to InterGlobe without exception. Inthey also managed to gain the all-India franchise for what is now Galileo International an airline reservation systemand then a Joint Venture with them to provide back-office services inas well.

Over the period of time, he transformed it into a conglomerate with interests in travel technology, hospitality, business jets and retail, etc…! This is when he started to make ground for the next leap of starting his own airline.

Rahul and his father had been talking about starting an airline, but Rakesh was somehow hesitant of getting into the business, due to the high mortality rate of the industry.

The persistent man that he was, Rahul waited till he convinced Rakesh. Once he was convinced, the together they applied for the airline license in and started IndiGo Airlines! How did he build the IndiGo Empire?

Stock Market

With aviation fuel prices soaring, and the rupee dropping, these were some of the most difficult days for the Indian airline industry. When industry leaders like Kingfisher airlines, SpiceJet and Jet, were bleeding money, Rahul took a bold step to enter the market at such a time.

Indigo airways success story

This was when IndiGo had not even been launched. IndiGo received the delivery of their first Airbus aircraft on 28th of Julypost which they started their operations on the 4th August with a service from New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati. By the end ofthe company received 15 more aircrafts.

And by Decemberwith a market share of In the same year, on the completion of 5 years of operations, the airline was also granted permission to launch international flights as well.

In the next two years, IndiGo not only became the most profitable airline in India, but also became the largest airline in India in terms of market share as well. Soon, they also surpassed several competitors to become the second largest and fastest growing low-cost carrier in Asia just behind Indonesian airline Lion Air.

As of date, IndiGo accounts for a total of Aircrafts, and operates flights to 40 destinations 35 in India and 5 abroad in a day. And with a This research paper reveals the internal and external factors, which contributed to the grand success of Indigo airlines. The purpose of our study was to conduct an analysis on the 'Success Story of Indigo Airlines.' and to study the factors.

Indigo Airways Success Story Words | 7 Pages. degree and before joining IndiGo, he was a lawyer at J Sagar. Ghosh has justified his aversion for the spotlight by saying that people don 't fly IndiGo because they know the president of the company. Mumbai: InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, owner of India’s biggest airline IndiGo, has been consistently profitable since , a feat unrivalled by any other domestic airline.

IndiGo Airlines "success story" is a minimal effort carrier headquartered at Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It is the biggest carrier in India by travelers conveyed and armada measure, with a % piece of the pie as of October Read inspiring success story of Rahul Bhatia - Founder of IndiGo Airlines and learn how he led his business venture to new heights through .

Indigo Airways has brought a transparent and vibrant style with itself. Their ground staffs is well groomed and prompt in their services and ensure that the passengers know clearly the various day to day nuances like ground take off delays and other problems well . Analysis Of Senegal: A Success Story Words | 8 Pages. PLCY Senegal: A Success Story Senegal At a Glance Located in the westernmost part of the Sahel region in West Africa, Senegal was one of the countries affected by the spread of the Ebola virus during the Summer of Henry Sy Success Story Words | 8 Pages. City, was opened to the public. It is the sixth-largest mall in the world. Sy got his start by selling smuggled shoes from abroad.

Indigo Airways has brought a transparent and vibrant style with itself. Their ground staffs is well groomed and prompt in their services and ensure that the passengers know clearly the various day to day nuances like ground take off delays and other problems well .

Inspiring Success Story of Rahul Bhatia - Founder of IndiGo Airlines