Multi cultural country like mauritius island cultural studies essay

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Multi cultural country like mauritius island cultural studies essay

Joonji Mdyogolo 26 Apr I want to yell. As a youngster I would pore over adverts for holiday packages to Mauritius in the Sunday papers, gazing at the photos of parents and children in pastel resort clothes, walking hand in hand along the beach.

I would imagine the joy of being ankle-deep at the edge of the blue, calm waters of the warm sea. Mauritius seemed to me to be a place where time stopped and unlatched itself from the daily demands of ordinary life. Yet nothing was more satisfying than feeling that plane touch down and knowing that my childhood desire was about to be satisfied.

I have arrived during a sacred holiday, the driver says, the festival of Maha Shivratri. The unhurried walking of the faithful, despite the darkness and the slight drizzle, contains my excitement so I sit back and relax.

My first accommodation stop is on the west coast. The sound of a gong at the arrival of new guests in the lobby of fanned ceilings hint at what life must have been like for wealthy colonials.

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The rooms are more familiar, with the generic style and amenities of modern-day hotels. I wake up a few metres from the warm waters and saunter along the beach and green grounds neatly bordered by tall coconut palms, heavy with fruit.

I live out the first of my plan: I return to the Sugar Beach pool to find my own piece of heaven among the many guests already stationed around it.

There is another, more private pool, just around the corner. But I am happy here, among the many accents, mostly French, that become the background soundtrack to my late-afternoon snooze.

I am surprised there are not more South Africans. Above all, Mauritius is for lovers, I conclude. Not just honeymoon couples, but also loved ones seeking to reconnect.

Big families of course, but also a father taking time out with his son, a mother with her adolescent daughter and the new mother with her young family who seem permanently planted on loungers outside my room.

There are quite a few over-tanned, leathery Europeans, like the two older Italian couples whose conversation sounds like an argument. Island of contrasts The next day I visit the capital, Port Louis. My mind hankers after the sea, but I make a valiant attempt to explore the small, crumbling city.

Multi cultural country like mauritius island cultural studies essay

Crab in a savoury relish, braaied crayfish and prawns for mains are accompanied by Creole traditional dancing. First, Long Beach is all grown-up, an architectural marvel of modern, secluded cabins, each with their own personality.

Here, people come to live large and you can imagine the hotel as a destination for the young and famous: It comes alive in a different way at night, its centre a piazza surrounded by top-notch restaurants, a club and a lounge bar.

The guests are decidedly more sophisticated and younger. The east coast also opens up to adventure. When I dock on a private island, I am enticed into paragliding. Deposited by speedboat on to a large platform in the middle of the ocean, I am hooked into the contraption and find myself swiftly swooshed up in the air.

From that height, the water looks like a clear blue sky.Oct 20,  · the meaning of cultural literacy. Takaki reveals the focus and content of the multicultural studies he insists on, and eventually wraps up with the conclusion of who Words: — Pages: 5. Do your students know the basics of first aid?

A video lesson gives key facts about injuries and first aid while a role-playing activity gives students a chance to show what they've learned. A multi-racial society is a society, which is very rich in cultural heritage.

People living in such type of societies get the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to adopt whatever they find beneficial for them. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from THE RAINBOW POPULATION OF MAURITIUS.

Mauritius is thus known as a multi-racial country where you will will find Hindus temples, Tamil Kovils, Christian churches, mosques and Chinese pagodas co-existing peacefully next to each other. The cultural mix of the Mauritian society is the result of a cohabitation of different great religions of.

Some deny the cultural diversity in the island evolving harmoniously. In this regard, unity and diversity are interchangeable words. Constituting of ethnic groups and world religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, co-existing with Hinduism and myriad spoken languages, the island’s people avow and practice different faiths which are.

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