Oil recycling business plan

Used Oil Recycle Butte Recycling is more than extending the life of our landfill. It is about making the best use of the resources we have available and preserving those resources for future generations.

Oil recycling business plan

Earth Recycling Search Tool Exit Used oils such as engine lubrication oil, hydraulic fluids, and gear oils used in cars, bikes, or lawnmowers can pollute the environment if they are not recycled or disposed of properly.

Used oil must be managed properly by local waste management authorities or automotive repair shops to prevent contaminating the environment.

Used oil filters pose similar waste concerns. If properly drained, they can be safely recycled or disposed.

oil recycling business plan

Some of the many reasons to reuse and recycle used oil include: Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil and water. Motor oil does not wear out—it just gets dirty—so recycling it saves a valuable resource.

Less energy is required to produce a gallon of re-refined base stock than a base stock from crude oil.

How to Start a Recycling Business: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

One gallon of used motor oil provides the same 2. Top of Page How it Works: Recycling Used Oil and Oil Filters Used oil can be re-refined into lubricants, processed into fuel oils, and used as raw materials for the refining and petrochemical industries.

Additionally, used oil filters contain reusable scrap metal, which steel producers can reuse as scrap feed. So, how is used oil recycled? Note that the most preferred option, re-refined oil—must meet the same stringent refining, compounding, and performance standards as virgin oil for use in automotive, heavy-duty diesel, and other internal combustion engines, and hydraulic fluids and gear oils.

Extensive laboratory testing and field studies conclude that re-refined oil is equivalent to virgin oil—it passes all prescribed tests and, in some situations, even outperforms virgin oil.

What the oil and natural gas industry is doing through initiatives

The same consumers and businesses that use regular oil also can use re-refined oil, since re-refining simply re-processes used oil into new, high-quality lubricating oil.

Any vehicle maintenance facilities, automobile owners, and other machinery maintenance operations that use oil also can use re-refined oil.

In some cases, fleet maintenance facilities that use large volumes of oil arrange to reuse the same oil that they send to be re-refined—a true closed recycling loop.

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