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Personal administration essay

The author specifies on a reflexive language model for public administration. From his point of view, modernity has limitations or rather encounters walls during its implementation unlike post-modernity. According to Farmer, post-modernity perspectives allow a revolution in terms of thinking on matters of public bureaucracy, where the author explores aspect such as imagination, deconstruction, deterritorialization, and alterity in relation to public administration.

From a point of view, modernity goes along with modernity. People and mostly leaders have varying opinions on particular matters that occur in organization especially providing solutions to the problems.

One cannot just rely on a certain matter without identifying the core of the problem.

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If we were to think like Farmer, who thinks the old mindset of people on arising issues, then so many things cannot be explained since every situation has a history or a background. To some extent, the author claims are not disputable, since trends occur with the current post-modernity.

The Dialect From a point of view, Post-modernity in other words is counteracting what modernity meant in the last five hundred years and reacting in another way to modernity or rather having different views of modernity Farmer, According to David J.

Farmer, post-modernity is the disapproval of the core patterns of ideas, which replaces modernity. The nature of post-modernity varies widely to the nature of modernity. Different people may view post-modernity in synchronic or diachronic view. Moving from one period in history is what Farmer refers as post-modernity.

This is the propensity coexistence of modernity Farmer, As illustrated, post-modernity counteract the hub mindset of modernity thereby denying the core subject, which is epistemological, and foundationlist, the role and the nature of reason, grand narratives, macro theory, and macro politics.

In general, it illustrates the end history. This also denies the difference between appearance and reality. What happens most in post modernity is hyppereality, which merging the unreal and the real that transforms to simulation.

The thoughts of postmodernity apply to the study of public administration Farmer, It does not imply the banishing of reason and neither does it mean what the classical public administration theorist implies. Imagination when it comes to post-modernity means dominating the actions dynamic and the new way of thinking.

Modernity dominates the larger part of imagination in only one portion, the aesthetic but post-modernity walls of and does not contain aesthetic.

Imagination to the society would have a parallel pervasive in post-modernity unlike modernity that has rationalization.

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In general, post-modernity stresses the significance of imaging and images Farmer, Deconstruction, Deterritorilization, and Alterity According to David Farmer, deconstruction is not a regression towards various simple elements since values of an analysis are deconstructible taking that deconstruction is not an analysis Farmer, In relation to public administration and considering post-modernity, bureaucratic deconstruction dismantles narratives constructed in post-modernity or grand narratives used to illustrate the development of history.

These narratives also exist in public administration theories and the practices that some narratives underpins. Some narratives illustrate modernity and others post-modernity.

With this regard, there are two types of narratives.

Personal administration essay

These narratives are the goal for public administration and efficiency to the goal for public administration.

To some extent, it is vital to remove the modernist underpinnings narratives in public administration.

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Solving puzzles with illusions results to problems while in some areas in public administration, providing erroneous approaches impedes the development of better remedies Farmer, Public implications As Farmer puts it on post-modernity, it is true and real that times changes but it does not make sense to banish the past since past has implications for the future.

Public administration involves change or alterations for the better considering that public administration is the organization of information.

It is advisable to note that, information changes too and how the same information is relayed, for instance in this case thoughts, language in public administration, and its applications to post-modernity, organization, and the society.

One cannot rule out the evolution or changes that have occurred as par modernity to post-modernity, for instance the administration of organizations.

Having a reflexive language of public administration also calls for reflexive approach to the changes in public administration.The behavior of medical assistant will be correct, if he/she places the interests of the patient before his/her own ones; while his/her personal interests, for instance, the fear of punishment for a mistake, gain the second position.

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Introduction In his book, David John Farmer offers insights on public administration intertwined on modernity and post-modernity.

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