Phd dissertations on hedging financial risks

Literature Review The academicians, researchers, scholars and administrators have made several studies for testing the effect of inflation on financial institutions, but in different perspectives and different results. Therefore, they are as follows: Fama argues that expected inflation is negatively correlated with anticipated real activity, which in turn is positively related to returns on the stock market. Therefore, stock market returns should be negatively correlated with expected inflation, which is often proxied by short-term interest rate.

Phd dissertations on hedging financial risks

Increase the efficiency of the marketing system by increasing the precision of the price signals that producers receive from the market. Reduce the transaction costs in markets by designing more efficient markets.

Project Methods A variety of techniques will be used including econometric methods, math programming, and simulation. Most research will be empirical. The primary commodities considered will be wheat and cattle since they are the two most important Oklahoma commodities.

When appropriate, research will also consider other commodities such as corn, soybeans, swine, and energy. By identifying market inefficiencies, market participants can act to remove them through arbitrage. First objective will be accomplished using both primary and secondary data.

Secondary data on futures prices can be purchased from data vendors. The USDA also provides considerable secondary data on farmer sales. A database of cash prices at numerous locations has been compiled. Numerous empirical tests will be conducted using this and other data.

For example, Granger causality may be used to determine if one price leads another. The accuracy of land value forecasts obtained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will be evaluated using methods such as those used by Sanders, Irwin, and Leuthold Following Diz and Finucanethe efficiency of early exercise of options will be evaluated for both agricultural and energy markets.

Information about the models that extension economists use to forecast prices is being compiled. These models will be evaluated using mean squared error. Basis, the difference in cash and futures prices, is important to producers.

Research will seek to determine the stochastic process underlying basis. Mean-reverting and diffusion-jump processes will be considered among others.

Most of the necessary data either has been or will be acquired from futures exchanges. For example, considerable transaction price data has already been provided by the Kansas City Board of Trade. Data will also be collected from other futures exchanges in the United States and China.

Techniques used include econometric techniques and agent-based simulation. When needed, new theory and new statistical analysis methods will be developed. The first step is empirical studies of current transactions costs.

For example, transaction data from the KCBT will be analyzed with the method of Thompson and Waller as well as a new method to measure liquidity costs in options markets see Shah, Brorsen, and Anderson The Chinese data has more detail and so effective spreads can be used as the measure of liquidity costs.

In all cases, great care will be given to using the most precise methods available. Regression models will be used to test hypotheses about the factors that explain transactions costs. Theoretical research will seek to design an optimal scalping system for scalpers using electronic markets.

Agent-based models will be used to determine effects that cannot be derived analytically.

Twenty Excellent Dissertation Topics In Financial Markets

Of particular interest is the effect of alternative bidding arrangements in auction markets.Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities, Veliota Drakopoulou. PDF. A Chemical-dynamical Model of Wave-driven Sodium Fluctuations, Michael P.

Hickey Ph.D. and John M.C. Plane. PDF. Analysis of Effects of Financial Factors on Profitability of Low-Cost and Legacy Carriers.

Phd dissertations on hedging financial risks

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Jul 29,  · The preparation of the financial statements is the historical cost for the convention in the excerpt to the certain financial liabilities and assets which includes the derivative of the financial instruments as well as the available-for-sale in the financial .

ERM also focuses on non-financial risks, whereas traditional risk management only focuses on financial risks. ERM could still be beneficial for banks, although they do not face much non-financial risk. Traditional risk management consists of insurance and hedging every risk class.

However, this leads to inefficiencies, because sometimes. This dissertation studies on-balance-sheet and off-balance-sheet foreign currency risk management of corporate firms and commercial banks. It is comprised of two essays. The first essay investigates what determines firms’ foreign currency spot net asset positions, derivatives hedging .

Financial risk management is the quality control of finance. It’s a broad term used for different senses for different businesses or things but basically it involves identification, analyzing, and taking measures.

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