Self portrait assignment

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Self portrait assignment

Posted by Lisa Waananen Jones in Assignments In this first assignment, you have two tasks related to the meaning of images in your own life. You will create a self-portrait photo or otherwise and write about a meaningful photograph that you value.

We will use student work for class discussions all semester, so please note that your assignment submissions may be shared in class. Grades and other assignment information will never be shared. Each part is worth 10 points, graded for completion of all instructions and general effort and quality.

To earn full credit, your submission must show some thought and engagement with course concepts in a strong attempt to complete the assignment well.

Please see the full rubric in Blackboard. Self-Portrait Long before the proliferation of selfies, self-portraits were an important form of expression in art and photography.

In photography, self-portraits often make use of shadow, reflection and illusions. For one modern example, Julia Corbett, a photographer and WSU alumna, uses nature imagery and composite images combining multiple exposures to create a particular mood in her self-portraits.

This recent self-portrait exhibit is also a good resource for interesting ideas. Create a self-portrait photography or another medium that visually says something about you.

To count as a self-portrait, you need to be depicted in it and you need to take it. It needs to be newly created for the purpose of this assignment and should be entirely your own work, but otherwise there are no limitations.

Personal Meaning in Photographs Photographs that depict people, places and things we know hold personal meaning that is often not fully understood by other people. Our memories and experiences give them meaning, and photos in turn sometimes shape our memories.

Self portrait assignment

Choose a photograph that is meaningful to you personally. Preferably you should be have or be able to obtain a copy of the image to upload with your assignment.

If you do not have it, see the note in Step 2 about writing a longer description of it.

Self Portrait Assignment

Write words about the photograph: What does it show? Who took it and when? What makes it meaningful to you? Has its meaning changed over time? When you look at it, what does it make you feel?

Your total piece should be words. Your writing will not be harshly evaluated for spelling and punctuation as long as the ideas are clear, but eloquence is always appreciated.

Written portions from Part 1 and Part 2 same document or separate Self-portrait image from Part 1 Personal photograph from Part 2, if possible For this course, always upload images separately as photo files JPG or PNG rather than embedded into your text document.Offering military, political, and cultural collectibles usually with a German origin. Fine Art Portrait Photography: Lighting, Posing & Postproduction from Concept to Completion (): Nylora Bruleigh: Books. Self-Portrait Project. Purpose: To help students understand symbolism and to help students appreciate works of art Pre-Writing Activity: Have students write down 5 aspects of their personality.

Next draw a symbol that could be used to represent each part of their personality.

Assignment 1: Self-Portrait & Personal Meaning | Visual Communication

Write a paragraph explaining the symbols and why those symbols were used. An essay has been defined in a variety of ways.

One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse". It is difficult to define the genre into which essays fall.

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