Silvio napoli at schindler india management essay

Silvio Napoli at Schindler India a By: Napoli was involved in the planning of the Indian subsidiary and had worked closely with key Schindler executives on other strategic initiatives. Schindler Holding Ltd, a Swiss based organization headed by Alfred Schindler, was technology leader in elevator and escalator manufacturing.

Silvio napoli at schindler india management essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Silvio Napoli made radical changes but faced with challenges too. The objective of this case study analysis is to find out how Schindler India could have been more popular, also what were their strengths and weakness.

Obviously Schindler was a Swiss company with a rich history of years, this was an advantage as people in India did think that a foreign company was likely to provide with better quality products.

BBL was quite popular and had a respected brand image. Schindler also had the backbone of experienced employees such as M. Singh was an experienced employee who had experience working in the building industry.

Silvio Napoli himself had a strong personality, who was committed in dealings and organized worked very well.

Silvio napoli at schindler india management essay

With sales revenue of million, the future was looking bright. Schindlers introduction of S was a hit, these low cost standard elevators were facing a Steady demand. Schindler faced competition from Otis. Otis had a huge market share, there components were mostly made in India.

Schindler introduced outsourcing too with major components coming from local suppliers. India was considered the 2nd largest growing market, this was a great opportunity for Schindler India Ahluwalia, The swatch project was a hit in the beginning but it was not all satisfying for the customers as things progressed, as other companies were customizing the elevators too.

Napoli felt customizing will increase cost, it did increase cost but customers were not wholly satisfied with standard elevators. Elevator industry was getting competitive.

Schindlers first failure was that it mostly imported its component from Schindlers head office, which increased cost greatly as import prices were getting high. This was a bold step as outsourced companies could not meet the standards of high end components from Schindlers foreign office.

The outsourcing effort also involved a new team and this took longer to assemble and execute its plan, sales were lost during this. It was also getting hard for Napoli to work with other managers in India, as the case study states that he founded that his managers have accepted an order for a customized elevator with an expensive glass wall on it.

This infuriated Napoli but it was too late, this is why he had to tell the employees again that their strategy was to provide low cost standard elevators. Napoli was also not backed by his European head quarters as they introduced new transfer pricing when Napoli already had a plan established.

It was also very difficult to impalement Swiss strategies in India as it was a totally different market. Clearly Napoli had a very difficult time dealing with a country totally different from where he came from. Once Schindler failed with its previous objective they failed to overcome from it. A sudden change into standard elevators was that appealing for the customers.

Napoli was very rigid in his dealings, he did not want to change according to the environment, moreover Napoli did not respect what the customers wanted, and rather he stuck to his own plan.

He needed to adapt to the new market. Napoli also did not have a say in the hiring, he could not chose the people he thought were suitable for the work. This responsibility of hiring should have been given to Napoli, as he was close to the action, he knew what type people he would like to work with.

Schindler India should have kept a quality check on their suppliers, to ensure the components were of superior quality. If Schindler had given more control to Napoli, things would have been different. India was a new market and it should have been treated differently.

Silvio napoli at schindler india management essay

Its growing potential should have been utilized. Schindler did come to realize this and this is why it is now one of the leading companies in India. It is known for its high tactical planning and superior quality. Productivity and Growth in Indian Manufacturing. More essays like this:Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis _____ _____ CASE ANALYSIS – SCHINDLER INDIA Schindler Holding Ltd, a respected Swiss elevator company, was established in by Robert Schindler and the first Schindler elevator was installed in India in Buy Cheap Silvio Napoli at Schindler India Essay call now start chat order now The decision to choose Silvio Napoli as the general manager for Schindler India was not right.

Silvio Napoli and his Command Style

Problem/Issue Analysis. This case highlights a time when Schindler, a company that manufactures escalators and elevators, made a strategic decision to expand to the Indian market by establishing a fully owned subsidiary firm in India, which was placed under the management of Silvio Napoli.

As soon as the selection process for top management team finished Silvio Napoli began to develop them into an effective team. The team forming process clear’s everyone’s job role for Schindler India’s. Schindler must have made the worst choice in selecting Silvio Napoli to be their general manager in India.

Silvio Napoli At Schindler India Management Essay

As much as he might have had success in Switzerland, India was a new world that had its own way of doing business. silvio napoli at schindler india (a) harvard case study This paper provides a Berkeley Research analysis and a case solution of a Harvard Business School case study () by Michael Y.

Yoshino and Perry L. Fagan on global management and international expansion at Swiss elevator and escalator manufacturer, Schindler .

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