The great hope in harmony

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The great hope in harmony

Sultan Suleiman by Deliogul All friendships are dynamic. They change with time and experience. Some friendships start badly but end up well. Others begin well but end badly. There are also friendships that just stagnate for years. But the truest and strongest of friendships survives the test of time.

There are many factors, both internal and external that can affect and change the strongest of friendships. Read on to learn how a great friendship ended in tragedy. On the one hand was Suleiman. Calm and aloof by nature, he was also the heir to the throne of the mighty Ottoman Empire.

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On the other hand was Ibrahim. Coming from a much humbler background, he was intelligent, lively and good-looking. While serving as a page to Suleiman at Manisa, Ibrahim caught the eye of his master who was around the same age as him.

Impressed by Ibrahim, the future Sultan befriended him even though the former was a slave. Both men soon became firm friends who knew and trusted each other deeply.

The great hope in harmony

At first, he placed Ibrahim in charge of his personal affairs. But soon, he made his friend the Grand Vizier to ease his workload.

Even then, the empire proved too large to manage. In effect, he gave half of his empire to his friend to rule as he saw fit. Ibrahim did not disappoint. He was a skilled organizer, diplomat and military leader.

In war, he led and won many battles on behalf of the Sultan. In diplomacy, he managed to obtain favourable deals for his master. This unique friendship went on for another 13 years. Thanks to the two friends, the empire reached the height of its power and struck fear into the hearts of its enemies.

The Fall of Ibrahim But as the years passed, Ibrahim allowed his wealth and power to blind him. Humble at the start of his career, his pride knew no bounds towards the end. He was fond of making ungrateful boasts that weakened the prestige of his master in the eyes of foreign envoys.

He even dared to assume the title of Sultan for himself, which was a grave insult to Suleiman. His prideful ways and great power earned him many jealous rivals who plotted against him. The most fearsome of them was Hurrem, the scheming and ambitious wife of the Sultan.

Wanting complete control over her husband, she sought to remove Ibrahim for good. In the end, these plots led the Sultan to believe that Ibrahim was planning with the Persians to take his throne. On March 15,after thirteen years at the height of power, Ibrahim was no more.

This included watching his conduct with care. But as he grew in wealth and power, he became complacent.

His many boastful and ungrateful comments gave his rivals many chances to turn the Sultan against him. This complacency led him to lose his life. There is no room for complacency in any relationship, let alone a deep friendship.

It is not prudent to take your friends for granted, especially if they mean a lot to you. This means that you have to watch the way you behave with them.Hope for harmony. likes. Harmony is the happiest baby she can make anyones day go from bad to good we love you Harmony ♥ ♥.

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The great hope in harmony

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