Unemployment in educated youth

For comparison, youth unemployment in the U. The bleak numbers underscore the uphill battle many young Europeans face in finding jobs that match their aspirations and education.

Unemployment in educated youth

From toChina abolished the civil service examination system and established a modern schooling system based on Western models. In China adopted the American model, and this dominated the Chinese higher education system until In all of the higher education institutions were brought under the jurisdiction of the communist government, and the Soviet model was adopted to restructure China's higher education system in order to serve the manpower needs for building a socialist China.

In China made its first attempt to expand the higher education sector by establishing more than 23, after-hours part work, part study colleges, in order to make an ambitious economic growth plan possible - the so-called Great Leap Forward for Socialist Construction.

Afterwith the end of the Cultural Revolution of —76, China restored its higher education system and started educational reforms along with the move to a market-oriented socialist economy. From tohigher education developed on the basis of numbers being controlled and limited, and quality being improved.

The unduly low proportion of students in the tertiary sector brought out the negative impact on Chinese economic growth.

Unemployment in educated youth

Inthe Declaration of the World Conference on Higher Education organized by UNESCO [3] in Paris made the Chinese government aware that a rapid increase in the enrollment figures in higher education would be a way to respond to the needs of opening up and meeting the requirements of economic and social development.

In the number is 4, with the rate of The figure in indicated almost four times as many enrollments as in This caused an increase in tuition fees and affected the quality of higher education, which in turn influenced the employment of graduates. The Asian Financial Crisis of —99 influenced the economy by slowing growth and as a consequence experts submitted proposals to state organs to stimulate economic recovery.

This involved increasing student numbers and intensifying the modification of education as a way of stimulating internal consumption.

However, Cheng, a professor of political science states the authentic unemployment is actually 2.

Apr 13,  · Youth unemployment remains above 30% in many European countries. These are the stories of well-educated young people who are still struggling to find work. CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG THE EDUCATED YOUTH IN PAKISTAN Mian Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal(1) Shahid Qayyum Khaleek(2) (1)(2) r-bridal.com Scholars, Department of Sociology, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan Abstract Unemployment is a lime lighted issue of Pakistan. An additional 18 percent of employed youth worked in the retail trade industry, and 11 percent worked in education and health services. (See table 3.) Unemployment Unemployment among youth rose by , from April to July , compared with an increase of , for the same period in

The lack of diversity in curricula at different levels and in different divisions of higher education determined that graduates lacked the specialty and the flexibility to respond to market demand. Moreover, before the expansion, a national job market had not yet been established.

With a focus on immediate economic growth, the policy makers appear to have made the expansion decision without a big picture of the future structure of China's market-oriented economy, and without knowing in which economic sectors manpower needs would increase.

Report says gap between growth and jobs widening

Regional disparities[ edit ] China has had a long history of regional disparities, and disparities between urban and rural areas. Disparities in economic development are paralleled by disparities in higher education: Such disparities in education are reflected in both quality and quantity.

Measures taken by the government to solve the problem[ edit ] The Chinese government has taken some measures to try to solve the crisis and it hopes injecting huge investments into the economy will create jobs and relieve much of the pressure.

But some experts predict that building infrastructure will only provide manual jobs for ordinary workers and will not benefit college graduates.

Unemployment in educated youth

Another measure is to boost postgraduate enrollments.Graduate unemployment, or educated unemployment, is unemployment among people with an academic degree Graduate unemployment will be more likely to promote postgraduate school education.

Half of graduates would like to consider attending postgraduate schools to enhance their ability to seek expert jobs. the Communist Youth . Nov 02,  · Youth unemployment rates are, on average, significantly lower in developing than advanced economies.

However, the structural factors we highlighted in —notably bulging youth populations and the prevalence of low-quality and informal-sector work—continue to challenge developing regions. Unemployment has risen to more than 5% overall, and the study slices the data to show that in geographic terms, north Indian States are the most severely affected, while in demographic terms.

Demographics. This page contains information about national labor force statistics with demographic characteristics available from the Current Population Survey (CPS).

Largest proportion of workers with a disability work in education and health services in (June ) Youth unemployment rate, percent; employment-population. CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG THE EDUCATED YOUTH IN PAKISTAN Mian Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal(1) Shahid Qayyum Khaleek(2) (1)(2) r-bridal.com Scholars, Department of Sociology, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan Abstract Unemployment is a lime lighted issue of Pakistan.

Unemployment with advanced education (% of total labor force with advanced education) Unemployment with basic education, female (% of female labor force with basic education) Share of youth not in education, employment or training, female (% of female youth population).

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