Vol de nuit thr dream of the flying car at lemond automobiles

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Vol de nuit thr dream of the flying car at lemond automobiles

But Spokane school districts are wary. Spokane launched an effort to eliminate unnecessary student suspensions and expulsions three years ago. Now, however, the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI is proposing to rewrite its year-old rules on student discipline, hoping to protect due process rights for students and reduce racial disparities.

The rules would place more limits on when a student should be suspended or expelled, emphasize that young kids should not be excluded from school for a long period of time and mandate that students be returned to their regular educational setting as soon as possible.


But Spokane is concerned the proposed rules go too far. On one side, you have Washington school districts seeking more flexibility in how to handle students. On the other side, you have student discipline reform advocates seeking to eliminate all unnecessary suspensions and expulsions.

And while the rules were supposed to serve as a baseline of what the discipline process should look like statewide starting at the school year, the feedback has caused OSPI to look toward for implementation. Shawn Jordan, director of secondary programs for Spokane Public Schools, expressed his concerns.

OSPI decided to revise the rules nearly two years ago. Inthe Washington state Legislature passed a bill both capping how long a student can be kept out of school and requiring districts to give them school work in the meantime — a win for discipline reform advocates.

In general, teachers, administrators and parents all agree that suspension or expulsion should be used as a last resort. But the details are where it gets tricky.

Is a kindergartner ever dangerous enough to be suspended? A student might be suspended from one school but — during the suspension — sent to Eagle Peak School, which takes kids who display behavioral issues.

The rules also would continue to prevent districts from longterm suspending or expelling kids in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Vol de nuit thr dream of the flying car at lemond automobiles

It may seem like a young child might be incapable of inflicting such harm. But Katy Henry, president of the Spokane Education Association, says she does hear stories of young students punching or stabbing teachers or other students. But does it happen with enough regularity that the district would use it as an example?

But many classrooms remain unsafe for teachers, and she says they need every tool available at their disposal. Teachers, especially those at the elementary level in Spokane, say they want more resources like alternative learning for kids with behavior issues.

He questions why, in recent years, hundreds of kindergartners have been suspended in Spokane. One parent at the May meeting, for example, says her child with autism was suspended twice in kindergarten just for running away. But even emergency expulsions can be problematic. T he state released the first proposed rules in September Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments.

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